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Devsecops Engineers


Based on a mutual respect for one another’s talents, Nav Sooch, Jeff Scott and Dave Welland become friends. At an after-work happy hour, they discuss the pros and cons of starting their own company. Dave suggests they toss a coin—heads they strike out on their own, tails they don’t. Heads it is, and Silicon Labs is born. When asked what they would’ve done if it came up tails, they said, “We would’ve gone two out of three.” Silabs.com

Used Dell Server


While you need dell servers that you can rely on and that will meet your needs, you can get it all without buying brand new. Buying refurbished dell servers doesn’t mean you have to compromise. It means that you are getting a quality product at a less than premium price. If you haven’t yet considered buying refurbished dell servers, now it is the best time to start. Useddellserver.com

Salesforce Consultants For Nonprofits


Finding the right salesforce consultants for nonprofits is essential to ensure that your organization gets maximum benefit from their Salesforce platform. The company Redpath has extensive experience offering tailored solutions, making them an ideal consulting partner for nonprofits seeking to leverage Salesforce’s capabilities. Why not give Redpath a call today to learn more about what they have to offer? Redpathcg.com

Free speech social media platform


Twitter’s recent purge has left many conservatives looking for a new free speech social media platform. If you’ve tried CloutHub, Gab, and Parler but found their network too slow to be productive, you’re going to love sharing your conservative views on HashtagSpace. Fast-loading media and innovative features make using our platform more enjoyable. Spacebar.hashtag.space